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Romero Hicks y Galindo is a Mexican consulting and legal firm specializing in the development and implementation of public policy projects, as well as international negotiation of issues related to transnational business and government operations.

The firm is established as a “Sociedad Civil” in Guanajuato, México.

Partners José Luis Romero Hicks and Alfonso Galindo have extensive experience in government and policy analysis. Both have participated in projects to enhance Mexico’s energy sector.

We operate as a network of analyst and lawyers who counsel and advise clients, as well as develop projects, under the managing and supervision of our partners.

Our firm provides high quality advice taking advantage of our expertise in diverse fields and our experienced human capital.

 Romero Hicks y Galindo currently works with the 9 most important companies developing housing in Mexico. It represents them on issues related to government regulation and public policy.

It also represents clients from the manufacturing and real estate sectors on issues of property rights and their negotiations with local and federal regulatory agencies.

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